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The TbC SoundBoard is a .net application for playing short .wav-samples.

TbC SoundBoard Screenshot

Originally created to play a fail-sound we liked - and just because we can...

You can use it to comment your life with quotes and sounds - or whatever you can imagine in your nerdy mind... ;-)

Why The bored Coders? Because we are bored enuogh to do this stuff...

And don't forget:
Be nice to Nerds - you may end up working for one... ;-)

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Microsoft Public License (MS-PL)
Click here to read the full license text...

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Version .zip file, about 1.3 MB...

.zip content: application, license file and two samples...

Sources and older releases can be found at CodePlex: tbc.codeplex.com

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Features & Version History:

We have more ideas what could be implemented in this toy...
So you should pray that we get bored again... ;-)



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